Basement Projects

4739 Harding

For this project, we drastically increased the square footage of this urban Chicago Style bungalow. With a complete 1st floor layout change including an open stairwell and open floor plan, and the expansion of the attic into a full second story addition (adding 3 bedrooms and two full baths to the home), this home became more spacious and livable. We installed a brand new kitchen with modern finishes with a light grey shaker island, and custom vanities cast in tile to give this home a sleek finish. By redigging the basement to heighten the ceilings, and upgrading it into a family area/rec room complete with another bedroom and a bathroom, the basement transformed from a storage unit to an inviting space in the home.

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9132 Lehigh

We took helm of this project in Morton Grove, a northwest suburb of Chicago, when the property's contractor defaulted on the project midway. We provided full fixes and updates of all carpentry and electrical work, as well as a major rehab of the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement - adding new mechanical elements and completely reconfiguring the layout.

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820 Sheridan

This pregtigious waterfront property, located across from Lake Michigan as well as the park, was updated with a brand new kitchen which blended traditional century old bungalow home looks with modern functionality. Updates including pantries, modular storage units of stacked upper cabinets, and glass/LED detailing were provided, as well as nautical themes in the backsplash to enhance the fact that this is a waterfront property.

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5404 Lovejoy

This unique and classic Victorian property, once defining of Chicago architecture was preserved through our efforts to convince the developer to preserve special beauty. We provided a major restoration of the property including rear and second story additions in order to increase the home's size, as well as digging in an entirely new basement to be utilized as a third story - all while preserving and renovating classic and elegant facade.

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2115 Stratford Lane

We provided this 4,500 square foot home in Glenview, a Chicago North suburb, with a complete rehab. We revitalized it with a modern slick look, including rare and exquisite 50 x 50 inch Spanish-made white slab tiles in the foyer, custom quartz throughout, and a contemporary master bath.

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4851 Schubert

This project illustrates our ability to provide major transformations for even tight budgets. This neighborhood based urban property was completely revitalized through a total gut rehabilitation, with fresh siding additions - and a particular focus paid to ensuring that the property continued to harmoniously blend in with neighboring buildings.

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6629 Washtenaw

We provided a full gut rehab for this home, preserving the stylistic attitude of traditional neighborhood architecture, paying close attention to detail to the stairway, light fixtures, bathrooms, and wood trim living room.

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1904 Grove

Featured on our main page, this small Arlington Heights ranch home was completely gut rehabbed and transformed from a small 3 bedroom / 1 bath house with an unfinished basement into a 5 bedroom / 3 bath home - complete with a side addition, making room for a spacious master bedroom and bathroom. This property's beautiful open layout represents the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, with custom finishes installed throughout the main floor and basement.

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