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Bathroom Renovations


Are you thinking you want to do a bathroom renovation? Let Indigo Remodeling help you with your bathroom renovation and installation by licensed and trained professionals that will ensure quality work. We will help guide you with where to start a bathroom renovation and throughout the bathroom remodeling project to make your bathroom renovation worth it.

Innovative Ideas & Style


Second to the kitchen, a bathroom renovation is the most beneficial upgrade you can do to your home to increase value and improve your quality of life. Keep reading to find out the four major benefits of a bathroom remodel andthe services Indigo provides to create your dream bathroom.

Increase energy efficiency

Going green is not only good for the planet – but also for your wallet! Switching out your dated fixtures to new energy-efficient ones can save you plenty on your utility bills. Energy efficient products such as Energy Star compliant fans or LED light fixtures consume 70% less electricity. Low-flow toilets or high-efficiency shower heads consume half the water a traditional fixture would and still maintain the same pressure. Let the experts at Indigo guide you through the options to create an efficient and eco-friendly bathroom.

Improve Safety

While high-end upgrades and aesthetics are valuable, there’s an equally important factor that should be considered: bathroom safety. The CDC reports nearly 235,000 people are injured each year in bathroom accidents. Safety can be incorporated into any bathroom without affecting the overall design. Installing grab bars or a comfort-height toilet can be a simple way to avoid a fall. Whether you want to install a safety feature or need an ADA Compliant bathroom, Indigo is your safest choice!

Functionality & Aesthetics

A luxuriously redesigned bathroom can completely reinvent your daily routine.Create a relaxing, spa-like oasis by adding a soaking tub or a rain shower with body sprays.Discretely house your towels and toiletries in a well-designed storage solution such as a vanity or small closet. Allow more space in your bathroom by converting your tub to a shower. Our remodeling pros can show you how to reconfigure your space to fit your needs and style.


Bathroom Products & Services

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