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On average, a basement renovation can yield an average return of seventy percent on your investment. By finishing the basement in your home, the livable square footage increases directly improving the value of your home. Useable rooms in your home also increase the amount you can sell it for, should you choose to do so.

Innovative Ideas & Style


Basements are one of the most overlooked and underutilized spaces in your home.Compared to other home improvement projects, basements offer a less expensive way to increase livable space. A finished basement can be utilized in countless ways such as an in-law suite or a home gym. Check out all the benefits to finishing your basement.

Versatile Space

Finishing your basement provides an entirely new level within your home for you and your family to make your own. Create a playroom room for your children to enjoy, build that wet bar you’ve been dreaming of, or enjoy movie nights in your own private theater room. Add a bathroom and kitchenette to your finished basement and you instantly have a perfect guest living area or a potential rental space for extra income. The possibilities are truly endless.

Energy Efficiency

A finished basement can help your home become more energy efficient. In many cases, an unfinished basement with insufficient insulation allows air to escape. By adding layers of insulation and drywall, you can help keep the temperature consistent and reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home. If you struggle with high energy bills or want to limit your carbon footprint, talk to our experts today and learn how you can have an energy-efficient basement.


An unfinished basement can cause many problems such as water leaks, mold growth, or unwanted pests that can damage the structural integrity of your home and be dangerous to its occupants.Finishing your basement can help ward off these potentially hazardous problems and can save you thousands in repairs. Our team will carefully inspect your basement for any cracks or signs of water damage to ensure your basement is safe, dry, and ready for use.


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