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At Indigo Remodeling we take a full spectrum, detail-attentive approach to renovation services. From start to finish, each aspect of the renovation process is handled with the highest level of professionalism, with attention paid to each and every of our client’s specific needs and desires. We stand proudly behind all of our work, as well as the constant availability, responsiveness, courtesy, and skill of our staff. Our services take place over a 6 step process:


After you contact our company, one of our licensed renovation experts will be deployed to your location, where we will discuss your remodeling goals. Each of your specific needs will be discussed, and precise measurements will be taken of all areas to be renovated. This meeting will help establish our relationship, so you can have a greater idea of how we work, and so we can understand the specifics of your remodeling goals.


Our renovation team will present you with a proposed renovation plan, with each aspect of the renovation process described in detail, so you know exactly how things will look, what the materials used will be, and according to what timeline the project will adhere to. You receive a clear gameplan for the entire renovation process, so you can have a broad mental picture of how things will look, and can make any changes or additions according to your desires.


Here, our team will do all the required legwork for obtaining appropriate approvals to move ahead with the scheduled renovations. Based on the municipality you live in, there will be different civic laws that dictate what construction projects you need official approval to carry out. While this can be tricky for the average homeowner, our team has the required experience to expedite approval through legal channels, so we can start on your renovation as soon as possible.


During this aspect of the process, our team prepares to carry out your renovation project, putting the finishing touches on and double checking specific measurements, and preparing all the necessary tools and materials in order to embark on the journey of revitalizing your home spaces. During this point in the process, we remain available to add any project aspects that you might suddenly decide you want to implement.


Here’s where the real work happens. Our team of expert builders and fabricators will get to work on your renovation project, professionally and efficiently carrying out any demolition, refurbishment, cleaning, and construction necessary in order to transform the renovation plan from paper to reality. Our team works with unparalleled efficiency and skill, with none of the slow-moving tedium often associated with contractors, and with all of the technical wizardry that you can only find with the experts at Indigo.


The most satisfying step of our process, here’s where you can finally witness the fruits of our labor for yourself. Inspect your newly renovated house, and see how it’s been transformed according to your detailed specifications, making your renovation dreams a reality. We’re sure you’ll be blown away by the results of our work, and if there’s any aspect that you don’t approve of, we will instantly remedy it. We’re here to take your idea of the ideal room, and through diligent labor, concretize it into rooms that you can play, work, and live inside.

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